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High Quality Prototype Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
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Gear up for a full printed circuit board production run? If so, start with a few PCB prototype boards first.


Full-spec, small quantity allow you to test the design, performance, and capabilities of your board before final production, which could end up saving your company lots of time and money in the long run. With so much riding on the outcome of these PCB tests, it’s important that you order the best PCB prototypes available. Fortunately, Heros Electronics offers nothing but the best.


Heros Electronics will fulfill your small-quantity PCB prototype fabrication using the same top-quality equipment, materials, and processes that are used to produce PCB for some of the biggest names in the world.


And because Heros Electronics is one of the quick turn, custom PCB manufacturers in the China mainland, we can have your prototype printed circuit board in your hands and ready for testing in as little as one day after receiving your files (Note: same-day and 24-hour turn not available on all orders).

 High Quality Prototype Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

figure: High Quality Prototype Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Our fast quote support service and quick turn PCB fabrication can help move you from the PCB prototype stage to full production as quickly as possible. Just submit some basic design information and we’ll get back to you soon to discuss the specifics of your prototype PCB design.


Heros Electronics has provided rapid prototyping for our customers, send email to  or complete our PCB Quick Quote form to submit your Prototype Printed Circuit Board specifications to us on contact page. All Gerber / read me files are reviewed in order to provide you with an accurate quote, the first time. We pride ourselves on our manufacturer direct customer service and our workmanship.


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